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The Healthy Digest – Healthy Eating & WFH – February

1 February 2022

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Thanks to technology we now live in a time where we have constant access to almost everything at the tip of our fingers. Our supermarkets are stocked year round with all of our favourite fruits and vegetables and it’s not often that we would stop to think where this produce has come from or whether it’s normal to be able to buy pumpkin in summer or strawberries in winter. 

However, eating a varied diet in line with the changing seasons is important for a number of reasons, including: 

1. It has more nutritional benefits!

When foods are grown during their natural season they are more nutritionally dense and provide the body with the nutrients that are more important for our health during these seasons. One study investigating the Vitamin C content of broccoli found that broccoli grown in winter has almost double the Vitamin C content of broccoli grown in spring. In winter foods high in vitamin C, including citrus fruits and certain vegetables, are readily available to help naturally boost our bodies immune system during the cold and flu season. 

2. It is better for the environment!

One of the greatest benefits of eating seasonally is that you can reduce your carbon footprint. Ultimately, what you eat has a greater impact on your carbon footprint than where your food comes from, however food transportation still makes up 11% of greenhouse gas emissions produced by the food supply chain. 

3. You can save yourself some money and support the local economy! 

Shopping at farmers markets is the best and easiest way to ensure you are buying seasonal produce. More often than not food markets are far more affordable as you can purchase your food straight from the farmers whilst supporting new jobs and higher incomes in communities. See here for a comprehensive list of the best markets in Brisbane.  

Sustainable Table is a great website to find out more about sustainable and ethical food practices and also has a great Seasonal Produce Guide which you can print out and stick on your fridge so you know which foods to try and buy when grocery shopping! 

If you are wanting to create sustainable and practical healthy habits to optimise your health, book an appointment with and Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) who will be able to support you with evidence-based approached. You can text Louise on 0410 839 074 or visit the website to book a consultation with help reach your health and well-being goals. Click here for more information on how different health professionals can help with different health and weight concerns. 

Want more before the next newsletter? If you are interested in quick and practical tips, recipes, plus insightful food and nutrition articles click here to find Louise on Facebook and here to find Tessa on Facebook and Instagram

Healthy regards,
Louise & Tessa

0410 839 074

0402 234 478
Practising on Mondays at Physiologix
200 Settlement Rd, The Gap, 4061

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