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The Healthy Digest – New Year Resolutions – January

4 January 2022

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Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed some time off catching up with family and friends only the holiday period and enjoyed some good food whilst you were at it!

With the turn of the New Year comes a lot of goal setting and New Years resolutions – the most common resolutions include:

  1. Exercise more
  2. Lose weight 
  3. Save more money
  4. Eat healthier

In January people are looking for ways that they can achieve these resolutions. Often these come in the form of detoxes, fad diets, meal replacement shakes and teas. However, come 2 months later and people are back to their old routines and habits and the money they spent on diet products is down the drain. 

So why don’t these diets work? Most of these diets are very restrictive and completely unsustainable as they do not consider your individual health goals, dietary requirements or nutritional needs. The key to improving your health is finding what strategies work for YOU!

As dietitian’s we take the time to find out about your medical history, lifestyle, exercise routines, current intake and health goals before creating a personalised plan that is tailored to your lifestyle and food preferences. 

If you book an initial consultation in January and mention this newsletter you can receive 10% off! So if you have been thinking about working on your health for a while now take this as your sign. 

If you want to know a bit more about how we might be able to help you, feel free to send us an email at tessafunk.nutrition@gmail.com or louise@adeptnutritioncare.com and we can get in contact and answer any questions you might have!

Want more before the next newsletter? If you are interested in quick and practical tips, recipes, plus insightful food and nutrition articles click here to find Louise on Facebook and here to find Tessa on Facebook and Instagram

Healthy regards,
Louise & Tessa

0410 839 074

0402 234 478
Practising on Mondays at Physiologix
200 Settlement Rd, The Gap, 4061

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