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YouthFit is an all access membership tailored to High School Students, providing the opportunity to kickstart a healthy lifestyle!

We have a team of qualified YouthFit coaches who are on the gym floor to assist and supervise students to ensure they are using equipment safely and will be their “go-to” person for any questions. Every Youthfitter will meet with a coach before they start their membership, the coach will write a program to suit personal goals. 

Who is eligible?

All High School Students

What is included

  • Initial Induction/ Program with a YouthFit coach
  • Access to our Fitness Safety Seminar* 
  • Program review after 6 weeks
  • Access to cardio and strength rooms
  • Access to training app 
  • Unlimited Group Fitness classes
  • Discounted tennis court hire


$13 per week on direct debit

  • No lock in contract!
  • Paid on a fortnightly basis
  • $39 access key fee

Gym Access

12 – 14 yrs
YouthFit Supervised hours only:
Mon: 2 – 5pm
Tue: 3 – 5pm
Wed: 3 – 5pm
Thu: 3 – 5pm

Sat: 9 – 11am

15 – 17 yrs: who have NOT attended the Fitness Safety Seminar
Staffed hours only:
Mon to Thu: 7am – 7pm
Fri: 7am – 6pm
Sat: 7am – 12pm

Sun: 8 – 11am

15 – 17 yrs: who HAVE attended the Fitness Safety Seminar
24 hour access (unless a parent requests otherwise)

What is the Fitness Safety Seminar?
* This seminar aims to improve our YouthFit members’ capacity to train independently. It will include information on how to lift safely and get strong, how to program for strength and how to vary their exercises. Time will be given to practice barbell exercises so that they can be performed safely and effectively. Advice will be given on basic nutrition and finally a reminder in the general gym etiquette and acceptable behaviour.
This seminar is open to all YouthFit members but is mandatory to those over 15 who want 24 hour access. 

Seminars cost $10 and can be booked through the GHRC app or at reception

Please let us know when you turn 15 or 18 so that we can update your access times.

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