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Outdoor X blends indoor and outdoor training. The convenience of resistance and cardiovascular equipment normally found inside the gym, is located outside in a purpose-built shelter dome to provide all year outdoor training.

The area is located amongst the tennis courts, surrounded by nature, with breezes to keep you cool, and the ambience of training outside to keep you motivated.

Join one of our Outdoor X classes run by experienced fitness coaches, in small social groups, to take your fitness to the next level in the fun environment they foster. 


Our group classes are designed to accommodate all fitness levels. In each class, you’ll find movement regressions and progressions that can either decrease or increase the challenge of the exercise.
  • From Strength to Strength
    Weights based class focused on developing your strength and technique of the key compound lifts. The session will utilise all of the weights available, especially the barbells and dumbbells to perform these movements.
  • HIIT X Strength
    High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) designed to improve strength, cardiovascular fitness and build lean body mass. The workout uses barbells, dumbbells, weighted plates and body weight exercises to fire up all major muscle groups of the body. HIIT X STRENGTH takes cutting-edge HIIT and blending it with powerful music to motivate you to go harder, get stronger and move faster!
  • HIIT Strength and Cardio
    Classes that combine high-intensity cardio and strength exercises for a specific time period, with rest periods.
  • HIIT Cardio
    Uses cardiovascular exercises in intervals  designed to burn calories and build up cardiovascular stamina.

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