Group Fitness Classes

GHRC offers a variety of classes which suit all fitness levels.  We offer Les Mills programs which follow the same format making the classes easy to follow. These programs are updated every 3 months, where new music and moves are released.

We also offer a range of freestyle classes which are purposely choreographed for GHRC members; you can chat to the class coach and ask for specific training goals and options.

Best classes for beginners

While all our group fitness classes can be modified for all levels of fitness, we have some classes that are a bit easier to start with.

You will learn basic weight training moves which are set to music; each track is dedicated to training one body part making this class easy to follow and understand. When you first start, speak to the instructor to help you choose your weights, wear comfortable clothes with closed-toe shoes, bring a water bottle and towel.

A cycle class set to music, getting the best cardio workout without impact through the body. You will need to use the app to book this one, and when you arrive your name will be on the screen with a corresponding bike number – that is the bike you will use. You choose your resistance so it is easy to control the intensity of the class. Arrive 5 minutes early for your first class and let the instructor set up your bike. Bring a towel and drink bottle.

A HIIT class, focusing on intensity – but you control it with resistance and speed. This is a great class to start with because it is only 30 minutes, you move at your own speed, moves are simple and the coach is on the floor and can help at any stage. Remember to tell the instructor if you are new, they will help you set up, and explain the class before it kicks off.

Yoga or Pilates
Mindbody staples, yoga and pilates are easy to start with as you work at your own intensity. You will need comfortable clothing that allows you to move, a mat or a large towel for when you are on the floor, and no shoes are required. Mention to the instructor that you are new to the class so they can help find the perfect position to see the instructor.

GHRC offers mindbody, HIIT, indoor cycling and weight based classes.

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